Practice Areas

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Consumer Protection
We represent consumers who were defrauded and misled by false advertisements, were subject to unlawful terms and conditions, were subject to improper auto-pay policies and disclosures, suffered from a breach of contract, or were harmed by a companies in some other way.


Employment Law

We represent employees who have claims against their current or former employers for wrongful termination, failure to accommodate, discrimination, harassment, retaliation, “wage-and-hour” violations (i.e., when and how you were paid and whether you received all your ), and many other types of claims.


Class Actions

We regularly bring class actions on behalf of employees who may have smaller claims against their employers (e.g., wage-and-hour claims) and consumers who may have smaller claims against companies for false advertising and similar claims that are similar for large groups of consumers.


Intellectual Property

We represent individuals and companies (typically small businesses) who have claims related to intellectual property interests, such as copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, and patents.


Business Law

Soderstrom Law is a boutique law firm that represents consumers, employees, and small businesses in court and in arbitration in California, Texas, and throughout the country. We focus primarily on consumer protection, employment, business, intellectual property, and class action disputes. And when it makes sense to do so, we regularly partner with other attorneys and law firms to make sure our clients receive the best possible representation.


Arbitrations & Mediations

Arbitration is a private venue that is used to resolve many of the same claims that can be filed in court. We regularly arbitrate claims that our clients have agreed to or want to arbitrate when that is the best or only option. We also regularly mediate and to try to obtain a favorable settlement for our clients before or during the dispute so our clients do not have to have to go through 1-3 years (or more) of litigation or arbitration.